The following 8 questions were prepared by Avri Doria on behalf of EURALO

1. To what extent do you think that the ALAC should be equivalent in its influence within ICANN to the GAC. Should the by-laws be changed to give the ALAC the same right of advice as the GAC has?%%% __Yes__%%% 2. How do you plan to balance your commitment to doing what you believe is best for ICANN as a California corporation with your role as a representative of the members of the At-Large? How do you propose handling it when your vote runs counter to the advice of the ALAC and At-Large?%%% __ICANN is organized as a non-profit corporation “for charitable and public purposes” under the California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law.__ %%% __The AoC stated: “Ensuring accountability, transparency and the interests of global Internet users”.__%%% __Therefore I don’t see many risk to have often a huge difference between: ”what you believe is best for ICANN as a California corporation with your role as a representative of the members of the At-Large”.__%%% __If it’s to happen I will explain the reasons to the At-Large and ALAC.__%%% __By the way the Director will not be formally a representative of ALAC (but see the discussion of that in NARALO question N° 18).__%%% 3. What do you plan to do about the Culture of Secrecy that exists in ICANN? What role does the Board have to play in making ICANN more transparent and accountable?%%% __See APRALO question N° 1.__%%% 4. What degree of oversight do you think the Board should exert over the Staff and its activities.%%% __Full__%%% 5. Do you accept that ICANN remains a US based corporation or do you have a plan for increasing its International status. %%% __I don’t have a plan. I hope that one day At-Large/ALAC will have such a plan and will propose it to ICANN community.__%%% __But I am sure that there are some steps needed and possible to increase the International status of ICANN. Like increase the physical location (open to the various stakeholders) of ICANN. Currently 3 (MdR, Palo-Alto and Was) in US, 1 in Belgium (Europe) and 1 in Australia.__ __It is not balanced.__ [ICANN offices||en]%%% 6. Do you agree with the current salary levels of the senior managers in ICANN. Do you think the Board should change the levels of compensation to be more in keeping with the non-profit of ICANN. If so, how do you plan seeing this dealt with? %%% __It is not so much the non-for profit status of ICANN but more the discrepancy between the budget allocated to Stakeholder participation and specifically end-users that we need to change. RALO AG and a triennial Summit is more important than…__%%% 7. What is your plan for any excess funds that may be derived from new gTLD auctions?%%% __Hope that the gTLDs process will not end-up with just auctions 😉 Because then yes excess funds will be available but no project.__%%% 8. Do you think it is necessary for ICANN to make serious adjustments to the new gTLD process and application fees in order for it to be possible for there to be applicants from the developing economies. What sort of changes would you be in favor of seeing?%%% __Decrease the ICANN fees for those applicants.__ __My rational is: why ask those applicants to pay the time needed to develop the program?__ __Did we ask the new Telco to pay upfront the cost of the already landlines install?__