Questions to specific candidates prepared by Adam Peake on behalf of EURALO

Pierre, Sebastien:%%% I understand you are both involved in potential applications for new gTLDs: Pierre, dot AFRICA (perhaps already controversial, with rival applications in play), Sebastien perhaps a few projects. If I am wrong about this, you have no involvement, please accept my apologies.%%% However, if correct, my concern is whether you will be able to participate fully in discussions about new gTLDs. I think we can be sure issues arising from the new gTLD program will be among the most important ICANN will face over the coming 2-3 years. If selected as At Large Director will you stop any involvement with new gTLD application? Or how would you handle the possibility of having to recuse yourself from some or all discussions? Can a Director be involved in both an application and making policy that affects that or all applications?%%% __From my SOI__ * __I do not have any current conflicts of interest.__ * __I currently act as Advisor and European Liaison for the .green project (volunteer work without compensation).__ * __In the past, I have authored feasibility studies for several new gTLD projects. While I have no current affiliation with any of them, some of these projects may be submitted to ICANN as gTLD applications.__ * __I have acted as the working group coordinator for the original feasibility study of the .paris TLD project from 2007 to 2008. This project is now handled by the office of Mr. Jean-Louis Missika, Deputy Mayor of the City of Paris.__%%% __I will steer clear of any conflict of interest.__ The ATRT’s proposed recommendations include: %%% “ICANN should establish [by INSERT DATE) formal mechanisms for identifying the collective skill-set required by the ICANN Board including such skills as public policy, finance, strategic planning, corporate governance, negotiation, and dispute resolution. Emphasis should be placed upon ensuring the Board has the skills and experience to effectively provide oversight of ICANN operations consistent with the global public interest and deliver best practice in corporate governance.” 1. What skill sets do you feel currently missing from the board and how will your skills fill those gaps? 2. Please describe your experience with the following, as relevant to ICANN’s mission “public policy, finance, strategic planning, corporate governance, negotiation, and dispute resolution”. __More than one skill missing, it is an experience missing.__ __We have people coming from one silo generally elected by the supporting organizations or with one (or more) competency coming through the NomCom.__ __Very few have multi-silo experience and specific skill(s).__ __But more than anything else is the voice of the end users missing. This election will start to resolve that issue.__ __I think I can help to fill those gaps.__ __Regarding my experience (I try to put that in my SOI) I can answer the following;__%%% __Public policy: I am doing that within ICANN since 10 years. And it is also what I was doing in for not profit organizations in direction of the youth (UCPA) and the CIOs (CIGREF and EuroCio);__%%% __Finance: it was one part of my MBA training and I run an important IT project including the responsibility of a budget of US$40 million;__%%% __Strategic planning and Corporate governance: As Deputy CIO at SNCF (French Railways) and Deputy CEO at Cigref (CIO organization), I took an important part in the definition and rollout of those two key processes;__%%% __Negotiation: with providers (Air-Inter, SNCF, Cigref), with partners and employees (all the time).__%%% __But what I would like to bring to the Board is a mix of skill and knowledge.__