The following questions were prepared by NARALO members.

1. How do you define “end-user,” “consumer,” “registrant,” and where do those terms intersect? %%% ((/images/End-Users_OK.png))%%% %%% 2. Describe your level of satisfaction with ICANN’s current performance in responding to end-user and registrant concerns.%%% __Not happy__ %%% 3. Is the current speed of the new gTLD creation process happening too fast, too slow, or at the right pace? %%% __Too slow for the development of the process.__ %%% __Too fast for the proposed root introduction (not for technical reason but more for end-users acceptance).__ %%% 4. What is, in your opinion, the scope of ICANN? What are the limits of its authority? %%% __Technical coordination body with policies associated and compliance tools.__ __Also to have a real and complete policy to outreach and inreach the various stakeholders but with a special emphasis on the non contracted parties.__ %%% 5. As a Director, what would be your interest in the Registrar Accreditation Agreement? %%% __One subject among many other subjects. But an important one to protect, as much as possible, the end-users. And now with the VI decision, the needs for protection to the end-users are more important.__ %%% 6. Describe, in as much detail as possible, your assessment of WHOIS, specifically stating your opinions on * the desired balance between registrant privacy and registrant accountability * the suitability of WHOIS to accomplish its intended purpose * whether WHOIS needs to be fixed, replaced, discarded or left untouched%%% * __It is a long (to long) standing issue even within At-Large__ * __There are a lot of new efforts going on__ * ”Whois review team (with 2 persons supported by At-Large)” * ”GNSO working on additional studies” * ”Staff publishing new reports” * __As for the other subjects I would like as much as possible to hear the voice(s) of At-Large/ALAC. Help to build an At-Large/ALAC position and present and support it to the Board.__ %%% 7. What initiatives will you *personally* undertake to increase ICANN’s transparency and accountability? %%% __Try as much as possible to stay connected to ALSs, RALOS and ALAC.__ %%% 8. Do end-users and registrants have rights within ICANN? Should they? If you answered yes to either, state how you would encourage the rest of the board to effect this. %%% __Yes__ %%% __All the Board members will be (and I am sure there were) encourage by the role more and more important taken by At-Large/ALAC to the policies processes. If I am elected to the Board by the At-Large I will use any opportunity to show/explain to the other board members the role taken by the ALSs, the RALOs and ALAC.__ %%% 9. As you replace the accountable At-Large liaison to the Board in a role that is explicitly not accountable, describe the relationship you intend to have with ICANN’s At-Large Community. * Are you prepared to make any commitments to levels of engagement with At-Large? * Are you willing to resign if incapable of meeting those committments? %%% __Unfortunately the history shows that the accountability of the ALAC liaison to the Board was not always easy to fulfill.__ %%% __I hope to be able to build in this new role a process to stay engage with At-Large.__ %%% __In addition see the discussion of that in NARALO question N° 18).__ %%% 10. How would you describe the “maturity” of ICANN’s At-Large infrastructure? * What is the effect of this on ICANN policy-making? * What would you do to improve this? %%% __Still need some more maturity from all the level of the structure (ALSs, RALOs, ALAC, staff…).__ %%% __The review came too quickly after the start of the ALAC (not interim one). And we are still in work in progress to implement the recommendations.__ %%% __We need more involvements from the edges and more possibilities to interact effectively at the regional and worldwide levels (RALO AGs, Summit…).__ %%% 11. What is your analysis of the recent Board decision regarding vertical integration, specifically from the point of view of Internet registrants and end-users? %%% __No consensus policy (new tools needed to help that happen). Two completely opposed decision of the Board. I don’t know how to explain. See APRALO question N°5.__ %%% 12. All three candidates have, at least once, been appointed to their At-Large positions rather than chosen by the community. How does this impact your view of ICANN and its relationship with the public? %%% __It will be the case for me after Cartagena.__ %%% __I am sure it will not change my view of ICANN.__ %%% 13. What is the best possible outcome of this election process? What is the worst possible outcome? %%% __A better recognition of At-Large / ALAC inputs and works.__ %%% __That the Director is an alibi.__ %%% 14. Do you consider yourself a “people person”? In other words, do you like people and do you make yourself available because you enjoy spending time listening to people’s ideas and concerns? %%% __Yes and it is one of the reason for me to travel.__ %%% 15. How many hours of a time commitment per week do you expect will be needed of you as an ICANN Board of Director? Can you dedicate more than that? %%% __It seems to be half time. It is OK and if more needed I will do my best.__ __I hope that At-Large / ALAC will be able to help in that perspective.__ %%% 16. Are you a founder, officer, leader or executive management of an organization planning to submit a new TLD application to ICANN? And if so, how does that affect your ability to represent end-users at the Board? %%% __See my answer to “Questions to specific candidates prepared by Adam Peake on behalf of EURALO”__ %%% 18. If selected as Director, will you resign your NomComm seat on ALAC or retain it? %%% __I have two minds here:__ %%% __In conjunction with Q15 above and to allow more people to be involved I am tempted to resign,__ %%% __In the other hand, as ALAC is losing the liaison it maybe of the interest of the community to stay.__ %%% __I would like very much to hear from the community to make a final decision.__%%%