ROD BECKSTROM President and Chief Executive Officer Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) 39th ICANN International Meeting Cartagena, Colombia 6 December 2010

__ICANN’s 39th International Meeting opened Monday in Cartagena, Colombia, with a [report|http://cartagena39.icann.org/meetings/cartagena2010/presentation-presidents-report-06dec10-en.pdf|en] from ICANN President and CEO Rod Beckstrom.__ __Expanding our community__ ICANN is an international community, with a consensus-driven approach and solid commitment to a set of ideals. Whatever our differences on issues or policies, we are united behind a common goal: a secure, stable and unified global Internet. It must keep running.%%% In support of that goal, we believe in inclusiveness, because everyone using the Internet has a right to be heard in its governance. Interested in the Internet? You’re welcome here. There is no other requirement. Inclusiveness brings diversity to our community and fortifies the domain name system and addressing systems, which are cornerstones of the Internet. It’s that important.%%% Expansion of our community should be a strategic imperative.%%% ICANN is only as global as its stakeholders. From Brazil, China and the Arab countries to the smallest island nations, from those who speak for millions to those who feel they are not being heard, you are important to ICANN. We encourage you to join us.%%% The success of our multistakeholder model depends entirely on the passion, dedication and intellectual contributions of this community. So many of you give so much. But the importance to the world of our work demands even more. More smart minds. More technical experts. More government and international involvement in our bottom-up policymaking. More participation in policy development working groups. More people engaged who are directly affected by the policies our community creates.%%% __A new Board member, ++Sébastien Bachollet++, selected by the At-Large community, will be seated at the end of this meeting, bringing an additional and welcome global perspective to the Board of Directors after years of effort to make this possible.__%%% All these contributions will add to the richness of the debate and inject new ideas and creative thought.%%%