Discours de Sébastien Bachollet à la clôture de la réunion ICANN de Carthagène

10 of December 2010

Hola,%%% Estoy muy orgulloso y feliz de estar aquí hoy ante ustedes, como el primer director elegido por At-Large. Me gustaría agradecer a los miembros y líderes de los 129 ALS presente en casi 100 países, a los líderes de los cinco Ralos, a los miembros de l’ABSdt y del BCEC y a los 20 votantes (15 miembros de ALAC y cinco Chairs de los Ralos) que participaron en este proceso que condujo a mi elección. Esto permitió una verdadera participación At-Large.%%% Thanks to Cheryl who chaired ALAC for the last 3 years and has done everything possible to safely conduct these elections. My thoughts are also with the 22 contestants and especially to the two other candidates who were on the ballot, Pierre Dandjinou and Alan Greenberg. Thanks to all those in the ICANN community who congratulated me. Your help will be welcome. I started my involvement in the ICANN world in early 2001 at the Melbourne meeting by participating into the Business Constituency. When I was elected President of ISOC France, we became an ALS and we signed the MOU creating EURALO. Two milestones for me: the organization of the ICANN meeting in Paris in June 2008 with over 1,700 participants and my contribution in organizing the first ALS Summit held in Mexico in 2009. Once upon a time, I used to play rugby. I was No. 4 which is second row in the scrum. In the 80s, one of the best fullback players in the world was Serge Blanco and he played number 15. I found this amusing wink that’s why I’m wearing a jersey with my initials SB and with the No. 15 as the seat that I will occupy at the ICANN Board. I hope that the Board will play as a team with diverse skills needed to win together for the good of the Internet and its billions of users around the world.%%% Enfin je voudrais embrasser mon épouse Anne-Marie et mes enfants Sylvestre, Olivier et Michaël qui m’ont toujours soutenu malgré les nombreuses absences, les heures de téléconférence. Je vous aime.