At-Large Community Selection of ICANN Board Director Breaks New Ground


One of our main values at ICANN is inclusiveness—a commitment to including everyone in our bottom-up, multi-stakeholder policymaking processes. That’s why the At-Large community’s selection of Sébastien Bachollet to serve on the ICANN Board of Directors is an important moment in ICANN history. At-Large represents the voice of the individual Internet user. It functions in many ways as a gardener of the Internet’s grassroots, and this is the first time since 2000 that the At-Large community directly selected an ICANN Board Director. As a citizen and resident of France who has participated in the Internet community for the past 16 years, Sébastien brings a unique global perspective and a wealth of Internet knowledge to the Board. Sébastien stated that one of his main goals is to encourage “the Netizen to be a part of the multi-stakeholder process at ICANN… We really need the involvement of as many end users as possible.” He said his new role on the ICANN Board will allow him to participate in Board discussions, always with the Internet user in mind. [Read more about Sébastien here||en]. Published on the ICANN web site (20 December 2010)