At-Large Community Selection of ICANN Board Director Breaks New Ground


One of our main values at ICANN is inclusiveness—a commitment to including everyone in our bottom-up, multi-stakeholder policymaking processes. That’s why the At-Large community’s selection of Sébastien Bachollet to serve on the ICANN Board of Directors is an important moment in ICANN history. At-Large represents the voice of the individual Internet user. It functions in many ways as a gardener of the Internet’s grassroots, and this is the first time since 2000 that the At-Large community directly selected an ICANN Board Director. As a citizen and resident of France who has participated in the Internet community for the past 16 years, Sébastien brings a unique global perspective and a wealth of Internet knowledge to the Board. Sébastien stated that one of his main goals is to encourage « the Netizen to be a part of the multi-stakeholder process at ICANN… We really need the involvement of as many end users as possible. » He said his new role on the ICANN Board will allow him to participate in Board discussions, always with the Internet user in mind. [Read more about Sébastien here||en]. Published on the ICANN web site (20 December 2010)

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