Chair / Moderator : Andrew Lipman , Partner and Head of Telecom Group, Bingham McCutchen, USA Sébastien Bachollet , Vice Chair ALAC ; Honorary President ISOC France%%% SÉBASTIEN BACHOLLET, vice Chair of the ALAC; Honorary President ISOC, France, was then asked to give a general overview of the Internet governance issue in France and Europe. %%% In his answer he explained, that end users will simply get lost in the current discussions about Internet, cloud computing etc. Internet governance can not be done just by the suppliers, the regulators or other government representatives. End users have to be active part of the process. If the Internet has become what it is today, it is due to the involvement of more and more people using the Internet as a tool. Internet has changed the rules. Users are not just waiting for a TV show to come, but are also coming up with their own show. This has changed the way one has to discuss this issue. There are already difficulties to have broadband in some parts of the US or Europe, but what about Africa, South America etc? It is not just the healthy countries that need to be connected to the Net. It will be important to think about how to connect everybody across the globe. If we do not achieve to provide connection for everybody in the next few years, the resulting divide will be difficult to handle. We need these people to participate because they have something to teach us.%%% Having been asked if there are specific measures the government has taken that actually damage Internet governance, Mr. Bachollet stressed that decisions giving more power to the suppliers, such as the adoption of the French Hadopi law, will not help the end user to become more involved in Internet governance. However, at the end of the day, users will find another way to get involved. At the same time, there are plenty of things that have to be done. For instance, IPv6 will be mandatory for the future development of the Internet and the involvement of the users. Also the Domain Name System: It will be very important that end users have their voice in this. It has to become clear that it is not just a market set up by providers and people with money but something for the benefit of communities or groups of end users. %%% [||en|GLOBAL FORUM 2010] %%% [||en|Proceedings Global Forum 2010]